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DigitalPin.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Fast Digital Pin functions.

Definition in file DigitalPin.h.

#include <avr/io.h>
#include "boards/GpioPinMap.h"
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struct  GpioPinMap_t
class  DigitalPin< PinNumber >
 Fast digital port I/O. More...


#define GPIO_PIN(reg, bit)   {&PIN##reg, &DDR##reg, &PORT##reg, 1 << bit}
#define fastPinConfig(pin, mode, level)   {fastPinMode(pin, mode); fastDigitalWrite(pin, level);}


void badPinNumber (void) __attribute__((error("Pin number is too large or not a const ant")))
 if (address > reinterpret_cast< uint8_t * >(0X3F))
 if (level)
 if (mode !=OUTPUT)


static uint8_t mask
static uint8_t bool level
static uint8_t mode