MySensors Library & Examples  2.3.2-56-gb9c4a4c
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Detailed Description

API declaration for MySigning signing backend.

Definition in file MySigning.h.

#include "MySensorsCore.h"
#include "drivers/ATSHA204/ATSHA204.h"
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#define NUM_OF(x)   (sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0]))
 Helper macro to determine the number of elements in a array.


void signerInit (void)
 Initializes signing infrastructure and associated backend. More...
void signerPresentation (MyMessage &msg, uint8_t destination)
 Does signing specific presentation for a node. More...
bool signerProcessInternal (MyMessage &msg)
 Manages internal signing message handshaking. More...
bool signerCheckTimer (void)
 Check timeout of verification session. More...
bool signerPutNonce (MyMessage &msg)
 Get nonce from provided message and store for signing operations. More...
bool signerSignMsg (MyMessage &msg)
 Signs provided message. All remaining space in message payload buffer is used for signing identifier and signature. More...
bool signerVerifyMsg (MyMessage &msg)
 Verifies signature in provided message. More...
int signerMemcmp (const void *a, const void *b, size_t sz)
 Do a timing neutral memory comparison. More...