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SoftI2cMaster.h File Reference

Detailed Description

AVR Software I2C library.

Definition in file SoftI2cMaster.h.

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <util/delay_basic.h>
#include "DigitalPin.h"
#include "I2cConstants.h"
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class  I2cMasterBase
 Base class for FastI2cMaster, SoftI2cMaster. More...
class  SoftI2cMaster
 AVR Software I2C master class. More...
class  FastI2cMaster< sclPin, sdaPin >
 AVR Fast software I2C master class. More...


const uint8_t STATE_STOP = 0
const uint8_t STATE_REP_START = 1
const uint8_t STATE_RX_DATA = 2
const uint8_t STATE_TX_DATA = 3
const uint8_t STATE_RX_ADDR_NACK = 4
const uint8_t STATE_TX_ADDR_NACK = 5
const uint8_t STATE_TX_DATA_NACK = 6