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RFM69 Class Reference

Detailed Description

RFM69 class

Definition at line 121 of file RFM69_old.h.

#include <RFM69_old.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RFM69 (uint8_t slaveSelectPin=MY_RFM69_CS_PIN, uint8_t interruptPin=MY_RFM69_IRQ_PIN, bool isRFM69HW=false, uint8_t interruptNum=digitalPinToInterrupt(MY_RFM69_IRQ_PIN))
 Constructor. More...
bool initialize (uint8_t freqBand, uint8_t ID, uint8_t networkID=1)
void setAddress (uint8_t addr)
void setNetwork (uint8_t networkID)
bool canSend ()
virtual void send (uint8_t toAddress, const void *buffer, uint8_t bufferSize, bool requestACK=false)
virtual bool sendWithRetry (uint8_t toAddress, const void *buffer, uint8_t bufferSize, uint8_t retries=5, uint8_t retryWaitTime=200)
 sendWithRetry (40ms roundtrip req for 61byte packets, adjusted)
virtual bool receiveDone ()
bool ACKReceived (uint8_t fromNodeID)
bool ACKRequested ()
virtual void sendACK (const void *buffer="", uint8_t bufferSize=0)
uint32_t getFrequency ()
void setFrequency (uint32_t freqHz)
void encrypt (const char *key)
void setCS (uint8_t newSPISlaveSelect)
int16_t readRSSI (bool forceTrigger=false)
void promiscuous (bool onOff=true)
virtual void setHighPower (bool onOFF=true)
 setHighPower (have to call it after initialize for RFM69HW)
virtual void setPowerLevel (uint8_t level)
 setPowerLevel (reduce/increase transmit power level)
void sleep (void)
void standBy (void)
void powerDown (void)
void powerUp (void)
void reset (void)
bool sanityCheck (void)
uint8_t readTemperature (uint8_t calFactor=0)
 readTemperature (get CMOS temperature (8bit))
void rcCalibration ()
 rcCalibration (calibrate the internal RC oscillator for use in wide temperature variations - see datasheet section [4.3.5. RC Timer Accuracy])
uint8_t readReg (uint8_t addr)
void writeReg (uint8_t addr, uint8_t val)
void readAllRegs ()

Static Public Attributes

static volatile uint8_t DATA [RFM69_MAX_DATA_LEN]
 recv/xmit buf, including hdr & crc bytes
static volatile uint8_t DATALEN
static volatile uint8_t SENDERID
static volatile uint8_t TARGETID
 should match _address
static volatile uint8_t PAYLOADLEN
static volatile uint8_t ACK_REQUESTED
static volatile uint8_t ACK_RECEIVED
 Should be polled immediately after sending a packet with ACK requestwith ACK request.
static volatile int16_t RSSI
 most accurate RSSI during reception (closest to the reception)
static volatile uint8_t _mode
 should be protected?

Protected Member Functions

virtual void interruptHandler ()
virtual void interruptHook (uint8_t CTLbyte)
virtual void sendFrame (uint8_t toAddress, const void *buffer, uint8_t size, bool requestACK=false, bool sendACK=false)
virtual void receiveBegin ()
virtual void setMode (uint8_t mode)
virtual void setHighPowerRegs (bool onOff)
virtual void select ()
virtual void unselect ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void isr0 ()

Protected Attributes

uint8_t _slaveSelectPin
uint8_t _interruptPin
uint8_t _interruptNum
uint8_t _address
bool _promiscuousMode
uint8_t _powerLevel
bool _isRFM69HW

Static Protected Attributes

static RFM69selfPointer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RFM69()

RFM69::RFM69 ( uint8_t  slaveSelectPin = MY_RFM69_CS_PIN,
uint8_t  interruptPin = MY_RFM69_IRQ_PIN,
bool  isRFM69HW = false,
uint8_t  interruptNum = digitalPinToInterrupt(MY_RFM69_IRQ_PIN) 


slaveSelectPinChipSelect pin.
interruptPinInterrupt pin.
isRFM69HWSet to true to indicate RFM69HW variant.
interruptNumInterrupt number.

Definition at line 144 of file RFM69_old.h.

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