MySensors Library & Examples  2.3.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 C__attribute__FW config structure, stored in eeprom
 C_SHA256buffer_tBuffer for SHA256 calculator
 C_SHA256state_tState variables for SHA256 calculator
 CBCMClassBCM class
 CcontrollerConfig_tController configuration
 CcoreConfig_tNode core configuration
 CDigitalPinFast AVR digital port I/O
 CEthernetServerEthernetServer class
 CFastI2cMasterFast software I2C master class
 CFlashClassThis class provides low-level access to internal Flash memory
 CGPIOClassGPIO class
 Chmac_sha256_ctx_tHash context structure
 CI2cMasterBaseBase class for FastI2cMaster, SoftI2cMaster
 CIPAddressA class to make it easier to handle and pass around IP addresses
 CMyMessageMyMessage is used to create, manipulate, send and read MySensors messages
 CNVRAMClassNonvolatile Memory
 Cpin_map_tStruct for mapping digital pins
 CPinIOAVR port I/O with runtime pin numbers
 Crfm69_internal_tRFM69 internal variables
 Crfm95_internal_tRFM95 internal variables
 Crfm95_modemConfig_tRFM95 modem config registers
 CroutingTable_tRAM routing table
 CRPiClassRPi class
 Csha256_ctx_tSHA-256 context type
 CSoftI2cMasterSoftware I2C master class
 CSoftSPIFast software SPI
 CStdInOutStreamA class that prints to stdout and reads from stdin
 CtransportConfig_tNode configuration
 CtransportSM_tStatus variables and SM state
 CtransportState_tSM state
 CvaluesStructure to be used in percentage and resistance values matrix to be filtered (have to be in pairs)
 CVirtualPageClassVirtual page management on top of Flash