MySensors Library & Examples  2.3.2
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Status variables and SM state.

This structure stores transport status and SM variables

Definition at line 292 of file MyTransport.h.

#include <MyTransport.h>

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Public Attributes

 pointer to current FSM state
uint32_t stateEnter
 state enter timepoint
uint32_t lastUplinkCheck
 last uplink check, required to prevent GW flooding
bool findingParentNode: 1
 flag finding parent node is active
bool preferredParentFound: 1
 flag preferred parent found
bool uplinkOk: 1
 flag uplink ok
bool pingActive: 1
 flag ping active
bool transportActive: 1
 flag transport active
uint8_t stateRetries: 3
 retries / state re-enter (max 7)
uint8_t failedUplinkTransmissions: 4
 counter failed uplink transmissions (max 15)
uint8_t failureCounter: 3
 counter for TSM failures (max 7)
bool msgReceived: 1
 flag message received
uint8_t pingResponse
 stores I_PONG hops

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