MySensors Contest 2015

written by hek

Last years project contest turned out to be a blast! Hopefully we'll see even more fun and creative projects this year.

The contest will run for the next month and a half. This year there will be two winners!

  1. Best MySensors based project where the evaluation criteria will be creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and how well the project has been documented.
  2. Best MySensors project contribution in the form of a code commit, new controller plugin or other contribution not covered by the above prize.

We hope that you will participate! No project is too small. By sharing projects and ideas, we'll hopefully learn new things from each other.


As we're financed through donations by the community the prizes are somewhat moderate. But the winner will still get:

  • The Honor accompanied with a Winner Badge next to the username when posting on the forum.
  • A small kit of Arduinos, radio and sensors worth approximately $50.

On the jury this year is also the last years winner BulldogLowell.



  • Post your project in the 'Your Projects' forum category. Create a new thread for each project. You can tag it by putting [contest] first in the posts title text.
  • Project must be "real". No fantasy- or concept project is accepted.
  • You must provide pictures and source code when documenting your project. Demonstrations using YouTube (or like) clips is also appreciated.
  • You are allowed to make changes in the project forum post (update text and/or add source code) during the whole contest duration. So you could basically document the progress of your project while you are working on it. Ask questions if you meet a dead end!
  • Projects for consideration will be accepted through 22nd of Feb 12:00 CET. No changes are allowed after this date. We will announce the winners about a week later.
  • You are allowed to have several projects in the contest.
  • The evaluation panel consists of Alexander, Bruce, Henrik and James. Our decision can't be overruled. We have the right to add or change rules during competition if necessary.

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