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It all started with an idea of building cheap sensors. After some initial trials using different off-the-shelf hardware we decided that nRF24L01+ (the transceiver chip) was the best way forward. A small Arduino library was developed to ease communication and the MySensors idea was born.

With todays Lego™-like hardware components and our step-by-step instructions and software, everybody can build their own small wireless sensors. For as little as $10.

Since then, the project has evolved and now also supports RS485, RFM69 and RFM95 radios which operate in 433, 868 and 915 MHz range and several architectures such as AVR, SAMD, Teensy, STM32F1, ESP8266, ESP32, NRF5x and Raspberry Pi. We've also created a new site for publishing open source hardware to ease the building process even further.

The Core Team

Bruce Lacey

Highly experienced product developer. Has lately been speaking Lua in his sleep!

Frank Holtz

Frank swept in adding NRF5 support to the project. German quality!

Henrik Ekblad

MySensors Founder. Trying his best developing the MySensors community. Home automation preacher. Gadget geek!

Ivo Pullens

Hacker extraordinaire who enjoys tinkering with lots of hardware and software.

Marcelo Aquino

Marcelo is a long time MySensors code contributor, currently focusing on Raspberry and core development.

Mikael Falkvidd

Community champion, gently welcoming everyone to the community. Has patience like a saint while graciously helping others.

Olivier Mauti

Our bootloader and core developer when he's not neurobiologist and robot programmer!

Patrick Fallberg

Talented embedded system developer. Our Security expert (AKA nerd) and Continuous Integration and Git Zealot.

Pascal Moreau

Freakishly productive hardware developer. A PCB a day keeps the doctor away.

Pete Will

Pete is the creative guy who is responsible for most of the fun and educational videos you'll find here.

Thomas Bowman Mørch

Thomas has a deep blend of electronics and software expertise who also takes pride in rockstar impersonations. Loves to make electronics smaller, better, cheaper!

## How To Contribute We are really happy that so many people and organizations has taken interest in the MySensors project. We accept contributions in both monetary and code-form. If you have ideas on how to improve this site, libraries or products, don't hesitate to contact us through email or by posting your ideas on the forum. You can create content directly on this site by posting your project on [OpenHardware.io](https://www.openhardware.io). Our editors will review all new projects and publish the relevant ones on MySensors.org.

If you want to help the MySensors project with bug fixes, example sketches or other great features, have a look the code contribution guide.

Contact us

All support questions should be posted on the forum. Do not send support emails directly to the team members.

This software is copyright 2013-2015 Sensnology AB. All rights reserved. Use is subject to license conditions. The main licensing options available are GPL V2 or Commercial.

Open Source Licensing GPL V2

This is the appropriate option if you want to share the source code of your application with everyone you distribute it to, and you also want to give them the right to share who uses it. If you wish to use this software under Open Source Licensing, you must contribute all your source code back to the open source community in accordance with the GPL Version 2 when your application is distributed. See http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

Commercial Licensing

This is the best option if you are creating proprietary applications and you are not prepared to distribute and share the source code of your application. Contact [email protected] for details.


Non-Commercial Use

For non-commercial use, we do not require trademark licenses provided that:

  • There is No commercial intent.
  • Does not imply that the product is endorsed or affiliated with the MySensors project or Sensnology.
Commercial Use

For commercial use of the trademarks "MySensors.org", "Sensebender", "Internet of Your Things", "Sensnology" or the logotype, please contact [email protected].

Postal Address

Want us to test cool gadgets, sensors or actuators? Preferably related to Home Automation and DIY electronics. Here is the address:

Henrik Ekblad
Kamrersv. 59D
237 34 Bjärred

Do you make loads of money on this?

We're not, currently. But we are working on launching our own set of sensor modules and boards to ease the build process even more. Until then, please use our store links to ebay when you buy hardware components to help us keep servers running. We will also soon offer a nice cloud service to help you collect and analyze your sensor data. This service will gradually grow with more tools to simplify your automation projects.

If you find this site useful, we gladly accept donations. The donations help us to do research, buy and test new types of sensors and develop new open source hardware for the community.

Donations will be awarded on our Hall of Fame.

Manufacturing Partner

Official MySensors boards is sold through our manufacturing partner ITead. All profit goes back to the project.

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