MySensors Hardware

written by hek
After building a few sensors, you might have grown tired of all the lose dangling jumper wires and weird connectivity problems.

The MySensors core team have created a few hardware components to ease up life for all the DIY sensor builders out there. Our nifty boards solves problems we've encountered during our quest for the perfect sensor platform.

All the MySensors official hardware is open source. This means that you can create your own derivates of our work. But remember that the any derivate must also be shared the same way, with the same license. If you create a commercial product, please refrain from using the MySensors brand on your product.

When buying MySensors official hardware, you're supporting the development of new boards and help us to cover the cost for running this community.

If you've created your own board and want to share it, please add it to our open source hardware site

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