MySensors Contest 2017

written by hek

NOTE: The contest period is over for this year! Winners 2017

Time for the fourth annual MySensors contest!

This year the contest will run for three months and winners will be announced in three different categories.

Previous year's winners: 2016, 2015, 2014

This Year's Contestants


  1. Best MySensors library based project where the evaluation criteria will be creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and how well the project has been documented. The Project must be submitted on and include source code, Fritzing electronics schema (or similar), components used (BOM), build instructions and images showing the final project. Please tag the project with "Contest2017" and "MySensors".
  2. Best MySensors open hardware project where the participant has designed an open hardware PCB that can be used in a MySensors environment. The Project must be submitted on and include electronics schema and design files (KiCad, Eagle, etc. but KiCad strongly encouraged), BOM (bill of material), build instructions, source code (if applicable) and images. Please tag project with "Contest2017" and "MySensors".
  3. Best MySensors project contribution in the form of a code commit to the core library, new controller plugin, arranging a MySensors event, blog article or some other MySensors contribution not covered by the above prizes.

We welcome both simple and more advanced projects in the contest. The purpose is to have fun and spark new project ideas in the community.


Thanks to our friends at PCBWay, Seeed Studio and we have lots of exciting prizes this year. The winner in each category will get:

In addition to above, the following per-category prizes from Seeed Studio.



  • Post your project on Tag it with "Contest2017" and "MySensors". A forum thread will automatically be created for your project on the MySensors Forum.
  • The best MySensors contribution will be evaluated from the code commits and controller plugins released/pushed during the contest period. We can keep track of pull requests to the MySensors project, but if you've developed a controller plugin or some other MySensors related project contribution, please notify us about it by posting in the comments below or by contacting us during the contest period.
  • Project must be "real". No fantasy- or concept project will be accepted.
  • You must provide pictures and source code when documenting your project. Demonstrations using YouTube/Vimeo clips is also encouraged.
  • Best open source hardware project must include source design files (KICad, Eagle etc. but KiCad strongly encouraged).
  • You are allowed to make changes to the project (update text and/or add source code) during the whole contest period. So, you could basically document the progress of your project while you are working on it. Feel free to ask questions if you run into problems or need help!
  • Projects for consideration will be accepted through May 31 - 12:00 CET. No changes are allowed after this date. We will announce the winners about a week later.
  • You are allowed to have several projects in the contest.
  • We'll randomly pick a winner using a floating analog pin or by using a jury hand picked from the community. We have the right to add or change rules during competition if necessary.


A big thank you to the sponsors this year!

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