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On the MySensors site we've added instructions videos that will help you getting started. Here's the full collection along with some other cool MySensors footage created by the community members.

If you want your own video posted here, just send an email to us. Also give us a shout if you have feedback or ideas for new videos.

Getting Started Videos

Creating a serial gateway and installing the Arduino environment

By petewill More info

MySensors Troubleshooting Tips

By petewill More info

Creating a motion sensor

By petewill More info

Monitor your freezer

By petewill More info

Hack your doorbell

By petewill More info

Phoney TV

By petewill and BulldogLowell More info

How To make a simple scene controller

By petewill More info

Creating a smart plug module

petewill More info

Building a Rain Gauge

By petewill More info

Building your own Irrigation Controller

By petewill More info

Monitor Smoke Alarm

By petewill More info

Backlit Dimmable LED Mirror with Motion Sensor

By petewill More info

Community Videos

Combining MySensors example sketches

By James Bruce More info

DIY Smartlamp

By Blakes Buildery

Parking sensor

By hek More info

Demonstration of a touch enabled scene controller

By hek More info

Demonstration of a secret knock sensor

By hek More info

Red and green matrix clock

By axillent More info

DIY Smart Desktop Lamp

By Adorján Balázs

Scene Activator with Weather Station

By Jim B

6 Way Wall Touch Switch

By ferpando More info

Motorized Blinds

By slarti More info

Mood Light

By Wiebe Nieuwenhuis

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