Itron Aquadis+ watermeter sensor V1.0

mySensors Watermeter

Adapted mySensors Arduino sketch for measuring pulses on a (standard) household watermeter.

The development was initially done for a Itron Aquadis+ watermeter, but can be adapted for any other watermeter that has the ability to read one of the rotating counters externally.

For more info and dicussion on this project, visit the mySensors forum thread.

[edit 2017-02-19] Finalised the design files as this project is finised. Will start working on a version 2.0 (separate project) with embedded Atmel processor and potentially RFM radio.

External dependencies:

KiCad schematics editor and Kicad Pcbnew

License: CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2


Design Files

Source Code

NameSize# Downloads
Watermeter.ino10.68 kB3305

Bill of Material

IdDesignatorPackage/FootprintQtyValueSupplier Supplier ref.
1R1060311KAliexpress0603 SMD Resistor Kit 1% 10ohm to 910Kohm
2R2,R30603256KAliexpress0603 SMD Resistor Kit 1% 10ohm to 910Kohm
3R406031180Aliexpress0603 SMD Resistor Kit 1% 10ohm to 910Kohm
4R5,R70603210KAliexpress0603 SMD Resistor Kit 1% 10ohm to 910Kohm
5R6Potentiometer Custom Inline ScrewUp110KAliexpress10k Ohm 3296W Potentiometer Trim Trimmer Variable Resistor 25 Turn Pot
6R8060321KAliexpress0603 SMD Resistor Kit 1% 10ohm to 910Kohm
7C1,C4,C5,C7,C8,C10,C11,C12,C1306039100nFAliexpress100nF X7R Error 10% 50V 0603 SMD Thick Film Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
8C26.3x5.3147uFAliexpress47uF-35V-6-3-5-4-SMD-aluminum-Electrolytic capacitor
9C3,C65x5.3210uFAliexpress25V 10UF SMD 4x5.4mm chip Aluminum-Electrolytic capacitor
10C95x5.314u7Aliexpress16V-4-7UF-SMD-4x5mm-Aluminum-Electrolytic capacitor
11D1DO-214AC11N4007 M7Aliexpress SMD 1N4007 Rectifier Diode 1A 1000V M7 Original
12D212061SMD LEDAliexpress1206-SMD-White-Red-Blue-Green-Yellow Super-Bright
13D312061SMD LEDAliexpress1206-SMD-White-Red-Blue-Green-Yellow Super-Bright
14U1SOT-2231AP1117D50AliexpressAMS1117-5.0 SOT-223 5 V Lineaire Regulator LM1117
15U2SOT-2231AP1117D33AliexpressAMS1117-3.3 SOT-223 3.3 V Lineaire Regulator LM1117
16U3SOT-231ATSHA240ADigi-KeyAtmel ATSHA204A-STUCZ-T : Partnr: ATSHA204A-STUCZ-TCT-ND
17U4SOIC-8-N1AT25DF512CDigi-KeyAdesto Technologies AT25DF512C-SSHN-B : Partnr: 1265-1179-5-ND
18U5TCRT50001TCRT5000AliexpressTCRT5000L TCRT5000 Reflective Infrared Optical Sensor Photoelectric Switche
20U7Header 1x4 pin1CONN_01X04AliexpressSingle Row Straight Female Pin Header Connector Strip for Arduino High Quality 2.54mm Black OH
21REF1Module2CONN_01X12 + CONN_01x02AliexpressSingle Row Straight Female Pin Header Connector Strip for Arduino High Quality 2.54mm Black OH
22REF2Header 2x4 pin1NRF24L01Aliexpress2x4 Pin 8P 2.54mm Double Row Female Straight Header Pitch
23CONN1Socket Jack5.5/2.1MM1CONN_01X02Aliexpress3 Pin DC Power Socket Jack DC005 5.5-2.1MM DC Power Interface Outlet
24P1Header 2x3 pin1CONN_02X03Aliexpress2.54mm 2x40 Pin Male Double Row Pin Header Strip
25NRF24L01Module1NRF24L01AliexpressNRF24L01 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Module - Black
26Arduino_Mini_Pro 5VModule1Arduino_Mini_Pro 5VAliexpressATMEGA328P Pro Mini 328 Mini ATMEGA328 5V/16MHz for Arduino
27SI7021Module1SI7021AliexpressIndustrial High Precision Si7021 Humidity Sensor with I2C Interface for Arduino

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