Contains a USB MysX interface, usefull for debugging, and programming Mysensor nodes with MysX header.

Target can be supplied with power from vUSB, if jumper P2 is in place

NOTE! Using MysX 2.0 with reset pin! can be used together with MysX 1.x if you handle reset yourself


Design Files

NameSize# Downloads
CHANGES.txt0 B1113
COPYRIGHT.txt410 B968
MysX2USB.drl725 B1670
MysX2USB.kicad_pcb57.92 kB1761
MysX2USB.net9.41 kB1635
MysX2USB.sch68.55 kB1756
PRODUCT.txt108 B1067
cern_ohl_v_1_2_howto.pdf55.06 kB686
MysX2USB.pdf40.27 kB1068
MysX2USB-B.Cu.gbr19.57 kB1646
MysX2USB-B.Mask.gbr1.66 kB1638
MysX2USB-B.SilkS.gbr2.3 kB1642
MysX2USB-Edge.Cuts.gbr732 B1613
MysX2USB-F.Cu.gbr33.61 kB1612
MysX2USB-F.Mask.gbr1.93 kB1630
MysX2USB-F.SilkS.gbr7.07 kB1687

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