Office plant monitor

Simple office plant monitor inspired by @mfalkvidd on the this post.

![Office plant monitor v1.0]( 1.jpg "Office plant monitor")

The PCB was tested and can be ordered on OSH park.

Design files available in the files tab.

The code is simple. By default humidity measured by the probe, battery capacity and battery voltage are outputted each two hours.

Two prototypes are working actually. They are both running @GertSanders bootloader (8MHz internal and LED can be connected to D8). The first prototype is working using 2 AA battery, the second is working under a CR2032.

Expected duration more than 2 years for the CR2032 and about 3.5 with the two AA (power consumption less than 5uA during sleep time; measured using a uCurrent Gold).

Hope you enjoyed my first PCB ;)


Design Files

NameSize# Downloads
Office plant monitor v1.0.brd115.96 kB2568

Source Code

NameSize# Downloads
Moisture_sensor.ino10.54 kB4246

Bill of Material

QtyValueDevicePackagePartsDescriptionMFMPNAliexpress or Ebay link
14.7uFCPOL-EUE2,5-6E (CPOL-EU)E2,5-6EC5
1100uFCPOL-EUE2,5-6E (CPOL-EU)E2,5-6EC4
5100nFC-EU025-025X050 (C-EU)C025-025X050C1, C2, C3, C6, C7
1330R-EU_0207/10 (R-EU_)0207/10R2
210kR-EU_0207/10 (R-EU_)0207/10R1, R4
1N/ACR2032 holderCR2032Multiple holes for using different holder
16-pin headerMale header for FTDIFTDI_BASICFTDIEagle lib from Sparkfun (SparkFun-Connectors)

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