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MySensors SMD gateway (nRF24L01, 2.4GHz) designed to fit Raspberry Pi GPIO ports. This is the SMD shrunk version of GertSanders Raspberry Pi2 GPIO interface for NRF24L01+.

Ordering and options

Two different models are available, only difference is on the PCB shape.

  • Regular version is the smallest form factor available. Radio module is straight with GPIO pins. MySRaspiGW regular PCB

  • Pimoroni version is designed to fit inside the popular Pimoroni cases designed for the original Raspberry Pi model B, such as Pibow. MySRaspiGW Pimoroni PCB

The regular version can be ordered directly assembled ($21) on

Gerber files are included for both versions so you can order these PCB at your favorite PCB fab house and solder the few components yourself. For an easy ordering process you can directly order these PCB without having to do anything else:


Plug the Gateway module to Raspberry Pi Pins 17 to 14 and follow the instructions on MySensors forum to compile the code.

Revision history

Version 1.0: Initial release.


Design Files

Bill of Material

QuantityPartValuePackageManufacturerManufacturer P/NMouser P/NCommentAliexpress or Ebay link
1C10.1µF SMD 0805MurataGRM21R71C104JA01D81-GRM21R71C104JA01DAliExpress: 1LOT=100PCS Chip Capacitors 0.1uF 104K 16V 10% 0...
1C24.7µF SMD 0805MurataGRM21BR61C475KA88K81-GRM21BR61C475KA8KAliExpress: 1LOT=100PCS Chip Capacitors 4.7uF 475K 16V 10% 0...
1C347µF SMD 0805MurataGRM21BR60J476ME15L81-GRM21BR60J476ME5LAliExpress: 1LOT=100PCS Chip Capacitors 47uF 476M 6.3V 20% 0...
1P12x4 pin 2.54mm pitch female headerAliExpress:

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