Controller requirements

written by mfalkvidd

From github discussion: In some cases[1], asynchronous method of sending commands to the gateway is bad. MySensors does not support acknowledgement. The workaround is to define a sendDelay parameter, which should be configurable by the user. The default value should be 0, to not introduce unnecessary delays for users that do not need this feature. A controller should wait sendDelay milliseconds between each consecutive message sent from the controller to the gateway. The queue should be implemented per gateway. The controlley may allow the user to set separate sendDelay values for each gateway.

See for how OpenHab has implemented this feature.

[1]: When (enough of) the following parameters are fulfilled:

  • There are multiple messages (how many depends on a lot of factors)
  • The target node needs some time to process the message (more time might make the problem worse)
  • Repeater nodes in the MySensors network might make the problem worse
  • Radio interference might make the problem worse (for wireless MySensors networks)
  • Competing traffic on the MySensors network (for example node to node traffic or echo messages) might make the problem worse (applies to wired and wireless MySensors networks)
  • Unstable power supply to nrf24 radios might make the problem worse

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