written by hek
Jeedom is an open source PHP/NodeJS home automation software that can run on Raspberry or any hardware that can can manage Nginx/PHP/MySQL. The software can form a network of Jeedom nodes each running differents Jeedom plugins. Some of the wiki documentation and community forum is in written french.

MySensors is supported through the Serial Gateway, Ethernet Gateway and MQTT Gateway

Homepage Plugin and Install Instructions Support Forum


  • Support Zwave, KNX, X10, XPL, RFXCOM, Arduino, IPX800, Enocean, Modbus, XBMC, Squeezebox, Denon, Sonos.
  • Jeedom does not require access to external servers to work. Your entire installation runs locally. You are the only one to have an access on it, which guarantees a complete confidentiality and safely environment.


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