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HomeGenie is the open source, programmable, home automation server for smart connected devices and applications.

Designed on a multi-standard basis, HomeGenie can interface to various devices such as X10, Insteon, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, UPnP/DLNA, RFXCom, KNX, communicate with external web services and integrate all of this into a common automation environment. So even if based on different standards, inside HomeGenie, all "modules" can be controlled and automated to work all together.

With a modern built-in web user interface, HomeGenie can be enjoyed from any PC, smartphone or tablet.

MySensors is supported through the Ethernet Gateway and Serial Gateway

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  • UPnP/DLNA - Control UPnP Lights, Media Servers and Media Receivers. Play music, images and videos from any media server to your TV, Speaker, PC and mobile device.
  • Lighting Scenarios - Create scenarios with your finger tips and shape you home intelligence with no limits by creating advanced control/interaction logic using the built-in Program Editor.
  • Voice Control - Talk to it from your PC or mobile device. HomeGenie is capable of understanding natural speech language to activate scenarios and control devices.
  • IR/RF Control - You can also use an IR or RF remote control as a quick shortcut for activating scenarios and control devices. HomeGenie can be programmed as an IR gateway.
  • Statistics - Analyse data from sensors and external services: luminance, temperature, humidity, wind, rain, energy consumption and other parameters. Optimise costs and usage.
  • Program Editor - Use your favourite language for integrating new devices and services. The built-in Program Editor supports Javascript, Phyton, Ruby and C# right out of the box.
  • Widget Editor - Customise the user interface by adding new components or modifying existing ones. The built-in Widget Editor let you extend the Web UI by using HTML and Javascript.
  • Extensible API - Take interoperability to the next level. Whenever built-in APIs are not enough, HomeGenie offers an easy way for extending them by using the included Helper Classes.


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