written by hek
Calaos is an open source home automation project. The software stack is written in C++ and contains a server daemon, a touch screen interface, a web interface, a mobile app (iOS/Android) as well as configuration tools and full OS that allows anyone to create a full home automation solution.

MySensors is supported through the Serial Gateway and Ethernet Gateway.

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  • Calaos supports a lot of hardware, like PLC, KNX, Zibase, Squeezeboxes, 1Wire, MySensors, HUE, ...
  • Easy to install using Calaos-OS. It's just a matter of burning a memory card and you have a complete working software installation. Calaos-OS is based on openembedded for easy customization.
  • HTTP/Websocket API for easy communication with external tools
  • LUA scripting
  • Powerful rule engine
  • Easily configurable with our GUI tool Calaos_Installer
  • Can run on a lot of supported hardware platforms, like x86/x64 PC, Raspberrypi, Cubieboard, Mele, ...


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