written by hek is a free and Open Source controller being developed by [jkandasa]( It supports all the MySensors devices.

As this system is based on pure java (back end) and angularJS (front end) it can run it in any platform supporting Java SE 1.8.

MySensors is supported through the Serial Gateway, Ethernet Gateway and MQTT Gateway

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  • Light weight, consumes only ~100 MB of RAM and ~30 MB of disk space.
  • Multiple languages support – English, Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Catalan, Portuguese and Tamil.
  • Multiple dashboard support (configurable). Dashboard widgets – Sensors, Single graph, Grouped graphs, Mixed graphs, Bullet graph, Heatmap chart, Custom buttons, Display image from disk/url, News feeds, Sunrise/Sunset time, MyController server time.
  • Upload node firmware.
  • Group sensors as rooms. Example: First floor → Hall, Ground floor
  • Multiple gateways support. You can have more than one gateway with different channels.
  • Group sensors(Scene control)
  • Send raw message support
  • Rule engine – based on Compare, Script, State, String, Threshold and Threshold range
  • Timer – Simple, Normal, Cron, Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Operations – We can trigger set of operations from Rule/Timer. Operations supports for SMS, Email and Send/request Payload of a sensor, Resources group(Scene control), Pushbullet note and Execute script.
  • Graphical reports – You can customize your chart type, color, etc.,
  • Forward payload to other sensor (supports across gateways also).
  • Logs – Logs everything from sensors world. Will be helpful to debug.
  • Unique identification tag – you can assign your own unique id for each sensor variable.
  • Front-end(AngularJS) and back-end(pure java) loosely coupled (via REST-API)
  • Multiple user/role based authentication support with HTTPS.
  • Supports backup and restore. We can configure automatic backup also.


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