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The PiDome Platform is a set of tools which include a server and tightly integrated clients aimed at beginners and advanced hobbyists. We take great care of the web interface and try to make this as easy as possible but yet, also include advanced features. As we understand the WAF factor and kids we try to create user interfaces usable by everyone by including a set of user friendly and hobbyist alike skins.

MySensors is supported through the Serial Gatewayand MQTT Gateway.

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  • Open source.
  • MQTT Broker which is capable to integrate MQTT clients in the sever.
  • Scenes, macro's your own personal custom events.
  • Advanced and powerful rules editor, no programming needed, just drag and drop.
  • Visual floor planner where you can place devices on your own designed floor map image and see back in 3d in clients. * Including Temperature, Light maps and device influences.
  • JSON RPC API using raw socket, websocket and http via TLS or NON TLS sockets.
  • Advancing clients available for Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Android with coherent designs, skinning and utility apps. They all work exactly the same.
  • Personalized dashboards for Mobile clients and room limiting possibilities for fixed clients with real time editing and updates. Included is a pure dashboard mode if you do not want users to browse your wall client.
  • Clients run from as small as 320240 up to at least 19201080 with automatic adaptation and touchscreen support.
  • Plugins for: Utility measurements, Universal remote controls, SMS, Media (XBMC), Weather data.
  • Hot plug capabilities for USB devices with automatic drivers loading without the need to restart.
  • Automatic creation of graphs.
  • Device discovery including inclusion modes and network scanning from the web interface and your tablet.
  • Java client libraries available to write your own client.
  • And much more...


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