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openLuup is a pure-Lua open-source emulation of the Vera Luup environment.

It runs many MiOS (Vera) plugins on Mac, Windows, and Unix systems. Processors such as Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black are ideal, although so too are Apple Macs, Microsoft Windows PCs, anything, in fact, which can run Lua code (most things can - even an Arduino Yún board.) The intention is to offload processing (cpu and memory use) from a running Vera to a remote machine to increase system reliability. But you don’t need Vera to run this as a stand-alone MySensors controller.

MySensors is supported through the MySensors plugin using the Ethernet Gateway. Serial hardware is not supported. A modified version of the Ethernet Gateway sketch can be run on an Arduino Yún with openLuup running on the second processor to provide an all-in-one single-board MySensors gateway and controller.

MySensors is supported through the Ethernet Gateway.

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  • Runs the ALTUI plugin by @amg0 to give a great UI experience
  • Runs the MySensors Arduino plugin (ethernet connection to gateway only)
  • Includes a bridge app to link to remote Vera devices and scenes (UI5 or UI7)
  • Runs many plugins unmodified – particularly those which just create virtual devices 
 (eg.MySensors, Netatmo, ...)
  • Uses a tiny amount (~10 Mbytes) of memory, little cpu, and loads very quickly (a few seconds)
  • Supports scenes with timers and ALTUI-style triggers and the blocky editor
  • Has its own port 3480 HTTP server supporting multiple asynchronous client requests
  • Has a fairly complete implementation of the Luup API and the HTTP requests
  • Has a simple to understand log structure


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