News History

2022-12-24   Merry X-mas and a Happy New 2023
2019-12-09   MySensors 2.3.2 released.
2019-09-10   MySensors powered devices on Dutch Design Week 19-26 October
2019-05-27   Mozilla WebThings Gateway now supports MySensors!
2018-12-02   MySensors NodeManager 1.8 released.
2018-06-18   MySensors 2.3.0 released!
2018-01-25   MySensors 2.2.0 released!
2017-08-02   Meet the MySensors team on Eindhoven Makers Fair September 2-3.
2017-06-26   The MySensors Contest Winners 2017 announced.
2017-04-30   Build a $4 chair occupancy sensor.
2017-02-24   Yay! The MySensors Contest 2017 has started!
2016-12-30   MySensors 2.1.0 Released!
2016-12-28   The Sensebender Gateway is now available.
2016-12-23   Merry X-Mas and Happy New 2017
2016-10-23   MySensors plugin for HomeGenie now available!
2016-10-06   Misterhouse supports MySensors!
2016-09-11 redesigned to allow community contributed content.
2016-08-22   Free MySensors workshop, Friday 9:th of September in Amersfoort (The Netherlands).
2016-07-12   Join the Dutch MySensors meetup July 30th in the Netherlands
2016-07-12   The MySensors library is now available in Arduino IDE Library Manager.
2016-07-09   2.0.0 Released!
2016-06-21   You can now use Homey with your MySensors DIY devices.
2016-04-14   The HoMIDoM controller now supports MySensors!
2016-04-04   MySensors Contest 2016 Winners Announced!
2016-03-30   Build Pete's Bed Occupancy Sensor
2016-03-22   We're happy to announce MySensors support in ioBroker!
2016-03-13   The new MyNodes.NET controller released.
2016-02-22   New troubleshooting video from Pete.
2016-01-24   The MySensors Contest 2016 launched!
2016-01-10   Finally! Our new project site released!
2015-12-19   How To: Monitor your Refrigerator.
2015-11-18   Wow! We now have two additional controller options for MySensors. Calaos and openLuup. Awesome!
2015-11-12   Need a new project? Try Phoney TV or perhaps a GPS Sensor.
2015-10-19   Hack your doorbell.
2015-09-20   How To: Make a simple Scene Controller.
2015-09-20 released.
2015-08-28   It's now possible to build a Wifi Gateway running on ESP8266.
2015-08-10   The Home Assistant controller is now supported!
2015-08-02   Build your own cool Parking Sensor.
2015-07-30   MySensors version 1.5 released.
2015-07-16   Learn how to build a Rain Gauge!
2015-06-08   Create your own Irrigation Controller!
2015-05-05   We're finally taking pre-orders on the Sensebender Micro board.
2015-04-22   We have a new video section!
2015-04-18   Petewill has posted a new awesome getting started video on youtube.
2015-04-06   Finally! The Domoticz controller has official MySensors support.
2015-03-01   MySensors Contest 2015 Winners Announced!
2015-02-17   New stuff on the hardware and store page.
2015-02-09   MajorDoMo supported!
2015-01-26   The Homeseer and Pimatic controller is now supported!
2015-01-08   The MySensors Contest 2015 has been launched. Join now!
2015-01-06   The communty member petewill posted an excellent video showing how to build your own smart plug.
2015-01-01   Ebay vs AliExpress price comparison added to products listed in store.
2014-12-19   New design! Buy a t-shirt and support the MySensors project [EU].
2014-11-15   New fun sensors in the store.
2014-11-13   The Jeedom controller is now supported!
2014-10-26   Two additional controllers supported. Meet DomotiGa and FHEM.
2014-10-18   Build instruction for a Touch Display Scene Controller.
2014-10-03   New build section for printables.
2014-09-16   Freedomotic controller plugin available.
2014-08-29   New controller plugins, new library version, new sensor examples using codebender online IDE. Enjoy!
2014-07-12   Join the ongoing beta testing of the new 1.4 library version.
2014-05-04   New cool sensors and actuators added to the store.
2014-04-07   Make sure to be part of the MySensors Project Contest 2014.
2014-03-23 launched.