Bed Occupancy Sensor

I have been trying to find a cheap and reliable way to detect if my bed is occupied so I can automate my house more. I have my blinds and lights automated but I didn't have a good way to prevent them from turning on or going up when we were still in bed. I experimented with various bed occupancy sensors but they were all not very reliable (they would deactivate when I rolled over and then lights would turn on- not good). I have been testing this sensor for almost two months and it has been working perfectly. In the future I plan to automate more things based on occupancy like turn on the coffee maker, silence certain voice prompts, change heating/cooling, etc.

Here is the How To video:

Here is the wiring diagram: ![enter image description here]( Bed Occupancy Wiring.png "enter image title here")


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BedOccupancySensor.ino9.16 kB5030

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