Selecting a Gateway

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The gateway acts as the glue between your controller and radio network. It translates radio messages to a protocol which can be understood by a controller. You can build the gateway yourself using the same components as for the sensors. We offer a selection of options described here.

Before building a gateway you should check out which option is supported by the controller.

Sensebender Gateway - All in one board, that can be used as either a serial gateway, or an ethernet gateway, depending on software configuration. This is the no hassle (almost) plug'n'play option to get a gateway running.

SerialGateway - The gateway connects directly to your Controller using one of the available USB ports. Because the SerialGateway relies upon an available USB port, you will need to locate your gateway close to the controller.

EthernetGateway - The gateway connects to the Ethernet network that your Controller also uses offering more placement flexibility than the SerialGateway allowing you to install the gateway in a location that is central to the radio network.

MQTTGateway - This gateway also connects to the Ethernet network and exposes an MQTT broker which can be used for controllers offering MQTT support like OpenHAB.


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